A Few of My Favorite Things …

Education/Learning Technology sites I like and/or have found useful in my travels:

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading

Khan Academy – free, online education on a wide variety of topics.  Seriously, how great is that?  (There’s lots of debate out there about how well the material for each course is vetted … but I don’t think anyone can question that KA has turned a bunch of educational concepts on their respective ears – and IMHO, that’s a good thing.)

edX – MITx, HarvardX and BerkeleyX all joined together for “The Future of Online Education”.  Again, check out the course offerings

Coursera – more free online education; still a great thing … Coursera is gaining quite a bit of steam and adding a number of partners (including The Ohio State University, recently joined with two courses from the College of Pharmacy).

Online Learning at Stanford – resources available from Stanford University; I think the course material for the Database course can still be found here (alternative location: CS145).  This course was one of Stanford’s initial MOOC offerings, and it was an excellent introduction to databases (definitely one of my fave things).

The Rapid eLearning Blog – run by Tom Kuhlmann, I like this blog for its practical approach to e-learning and how to make it work for the student.


Ohio State University sites:

Department of Physics – home, sweet home…. and we do some amazingly kewl stuff here at Ohio State!

Team Buckeye – what I spend a chunk of free time on – we ride in the annual Pelotonia event to fund cancer research at The James Cancer Hospital.  Want to help me bring an end to cancer?  Donate to my ride at go.osu.edu/Terry. (100% of funds raised are put to work in uber-amazing cancer research projects. No overhead, no kidding.)

Exploring Learning TechnologiesELTU6 (this year’s “Unconference”) was a blast (October, 2013) – check out notes from our sessions!

Digital Media Collective

Digital Photography – I’m a dilettante/amateur, but it’s fun …

Digital Photography magazine – yeah, I have to hunt this one down a bit in my local bookstore, as it’s a UK-based publication, but it’s pretty accessible for my level of technical skill (that being newbie/”not so much on the technical photog skills”).

Outdoor Photographer – another one I like, as I tend to shoot a lot of landscape on our trips to the UK (“whenever we can swing another trip to Scotland/Ireland/England”).


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