Go Read This …

I think I’m about to launch into a series of posts where I simply say, “Go read this!!”

First one – Elizabeth Coleman, President of Bennington College, absolutely nails it in the July/August, 2013 issue of “EDUCAUSE Review”  (yep, I know; I’m a bit behind on my reading material).  Her article, “Technology Innovation and Improvisation: Rhetoric and Reality” beautifully voices concerns I’ve had for years about our presumption that technology will always win out when it comes to changing the world.

Over the past years, I’ve shifted professionally from being a straight-up systems administrator into wearing learning technologist and project manager hats.  All along the way, I’ve been concerned that in too many instances, it’s been all about the technology, and not about actually solving evidence-based problems in how we teach at the higher-ed level.  So, I very much appreciate Dr. Coleman’s take on the issue.  I don’t think I’m a Luddite – far from it.  I appreciate technology, and take huge satisfaction in bringing a well-thought-out and well-executed plan (which happens to include technology) to bear on a task.  What I do want to see in my field is less oversimplification about the extent of issues to be addressed, and less reliance on technology as a great panacea.  (“Oh, just wait – we’ll get The Big Technology Solution in just a few years/months, and all those issues will be solved.”)

So, go read this article.  And, if you’re reading this post, tell me what you think!


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